Let’s Make a Level for Duke Nukem 3D, Part 18


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Last time we built the room where you obtain the steroids, after using pipe bombs to blow up the wall. The steroids are the final item in the sequence, which will allow you to get to the level exit. But now we need some sort of hazard you can only survive by running extremely quickly.

That’s it in the lower left. The “Crush room”. This room will have a ceiling which descends the minute you set foot inside. Only with steroids can you run fast enough to make it out the other side before the ceiling crushes you flat. It moves at the exact speed where it’s possible to escape with steroids, but not without.

There’s plenty of signs that this is a dangerous room, not to be trifled with, which hopefully will guard players against simply barging straight in. The stretchy gore between floor and ceiling actually dynamically stretches as the ceiling moves downward. The pistons are supposed to as well but I currently am having some trouble with those.

Crucially, if they step inside to see what happens, then back out in a hurry once the ceiling begins to descend, there are switches at either end to reset the ceiling to it’s starting height.

As an aside, I had to modify the room where the player obtains the pipe bombs after discovering you can only pick them up once the shrink effect wears off. Now there’s a teleporter to get back to the main room, like in the slime pit of the jumping puzzle room or the first major intersection you come upon.

Here’s the ending room you reach after escaping the crushing ceiling. Not much to look at just yet. It will need to be really grand to convey the player’s accomplishment.

There, how’s that? A grand hall with slanted pillars made out of sloped sectors. It may not look properly lit at first glance, but check behind the pillars themselves:

It doesn’t jump out and bop you on the nose or anything, but it’s there if you look for it. Some nice shadows the pillars cast from the overhead light fixtures.

Anyway you might think we’re in the home stretch now. Nothing could be further from the truth. There’s loads of polishing to be done, as well as adding enemies and weapons. There are unique considerations involved in enemy placement here, given how much backtracking will occur. Stay tuned to see how that’s solved.

Stay Tuned for Part 19!

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