Let’s Make a Level for Duke Nukem 3D, Part 20


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Last time we began adding some enemies, including ones which spawn in areas you’ve already been through once you complete certain objectives, to keep the action lively. Now we’ll be adding more of those, and some spawning ammo that appears only when you obtain the gun it corresponds to.

However, let’s not just GIVE weapons to the player. As you saw in the last article, the big guns (shrinker, freeze ray) are hidden and hard to get. The lesser weapons won’t be hidden, but will require powerup items to reach. Like this SHotgun which you need the jetpack to get:

I’ve also set it up so that after using the shotgun to fight through the underwater maze and obtaining the hazard boots, a new, better weapon (the machinegun) will spawn on that same platform:

I’ve added a couple more enemy spawns following the toxic waste corridor, the dark maze, etc. and feel there’s enough combat…except at the end of the level. This grand hallway demands some sort of epic final battle, no?

Trying to exit will just spawn a mini battle lord. I think what I’ll do is then have the door either open on delay, or (more likely, just to be obnoxious) have it open so slowly that you basically have to fight the battle lord just to survive until it’s far enough open that you can escape.

Anyway that’s all for now. Next time I’ll build the area on the other side of the exit door, and begin working out a cooler, more atmospheric way for the player to enter the level at the beginning.

Stay Tuned for Part 21!

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