Let’s Make a Level for Duke Nukem 3D, Part 25

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By popular demand, the item obtained by bombing the glass tunnel has been changed from the portable medkit to the rocket launcher. This means we have to add an area reachable using one of the powerups the player collects in which he can obtain the medkit as well.

Lighting is bland in here. But rugged natural areas are difficult to light and shadow in a convincing way. Many of you urged me to build a room at the other end of the tunnel. Of course I planned such a thing from the start, and here it is:

This is sort of a “medical bay” with two beds for injured or sick persons. More importantly there’s a partially opened door and a mirror. Duke can shrink himself using the mirror and shrink ray to get under the door, slipping outside to nab the medical kit.

The medical bay has a curved, cupola style window which looks out into the natural area. This part is blocked off from the other part (where the rocket launcher is) by some stalagmites, so you can’t just grab the rocket launcher and medical kit at once.

The exterior. Note that the natural blockage allows the player to see, but not reach, the medical kit after having obtained the rocket launcher. Likewise, he can see it from the cupola but not reach it unless he has the shrink ray. As the player gets the shrink ray before the pipe bombs, he can in fact get the medkit before he’s able to get the rocket launcher.

The other shrinker accessible room simply has a teleporter for returning. Here, I thought of a more elegant solution. There’s a switch for the door on the other side, so after Duke returns to normal size he can flip it, raising the door the rest of the way. This avoids the need for a teleporter or a second mirror.

Anyways, that’s all for this time. We’re in the home stretch, people! All that remains is the ending area, and adding ambient sound sprites to appropriate places in the map.

Stay Tuned for Part 26!

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