Let’s Make a Level for Duke Nukem 3D, Part 27


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Last time we added some ambient sound effects to cultivate some atmosphere. Having fine tuned those since then, they’re more or less finished. At last it’s time to build the ending area, where the player steals an alien ship to escape the planet with.

The ending area is rough now, but I have a vision for what it will look like completed. There will be an elevated landing pad with the alien ship on it, and an elevator you can use to get up inside the ship from below it. The landscape beyond will have a duplicate visible from inside the alien ship.

Because the door you access the landing pad with is on a delay, so that you’re forced to fight the boss while waiting for it to open, I have added a visual timer in the form of a slowly lowering green meter. When it reaches the bottom, the door will open. This will prevent the player from being confused, thinking the level is over because nothing is happening.

Here’s the outside area with some mountains added. They don’t look great, but this engine was never terribly good at natural landscapes. There’s also more mountainous terrain in the other direction as well:

You’ll notice you can also see more of the facility in that direction, as you ought to be able to. That sort of thing is important for realism and a sense of “place”. Otherwise the level just feels like a backdrop. Stagecraft, smoke and mirrors.

Here’s the landing pad which will have the alien spaceship on it. The ceiling is actually very close, but not visible due to the parallaxed sky texture on it. This is how we’ll hide the fact that the alien ship doesn’t have a “top” to it.

That’s all for now. Stay tuned, next up will be the alien ship itself (and perhaps more scenery?)

Stay Tuned for Part 28!

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