Let’s Make a Level for Duke Nukem 3D, Part 28


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Last time we built out the ending area. A landing pad surrounded by mountains for scenery. Here’s what that area looks like from the top down, in the grid view:

It looks kind of like a big floppy yeti penis. But let’s ignore that for now. The important thing is that the scenery is mostly taken care of. Step two is to do the shading, then step three is to build the spaceship.

There. The other mountains don’t need shadows as due to the angle relative to the player, you’d never be able to see them. Now we can get to work on the spaceship. There’s a temptation to go fast and sloppy near the end, just to finish it up, but I won’t.

Here’s the back side of the ship so far, with some spritework engines to contribute to the illusion of 3D. But if I slope some sectors near the back side, I can make it appear as if there’s a top half of the ship with sloped surfaces, like so:

This is even though, if you go up high enough, you can see it’s an illusion and there’s no top half of the ship (since you can’t have sectors over other sectors where both are visible at once.)

Here it is ingame. Notice I’ve shaded the engine housings green to match the rest of the ship. This is a handy way to force textures not originally intended to go with the green alien texture set to match up anyways.

That’s it for right now. I intended to get more done but as often happens, real life demands have intruded. Tomorrow I hope to add some wings and landing gear. Then after that, I want to build the interior of the ship, but only after finishing the exterior completely.

Stay Tuned for Part 29!

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