Let’s Make a Level for Duke Nukem 3D, Part 29

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Last time we began work on the alien spaceship that the player will hijack in order to escape this planet. Somebody suggested that it ought to have wings, so here you go:

You might ask “what does a ship that flies in the vacuum of space need with wings by the way” to which I answer “shhhh, shut up”. They look a little poopy but I like that they slope downward. We’ll see if we can’t improve them a little bit later on. For now, let’s add some open bays for the landing gear:

That’s where the landing gear would fold up into and stow during flight, like on an airliner. Now for the landing gear itself.

There, that’s about as good as it gets using level geometry. Sloped sectors can do alot but they’re not magic. Let’s see about improving those wings now.

There, each one has an extra engine attached to the underside now. It still needs something but I’m not sure what. I’ll come back to it later. Now let’s add the opening that the player will enter through.

This elevator platform will raise the player up inside of the ship using the same teleporter trick as the spacecraft in the starting area, but in reverse (going up instead of down).

Here it is ingame. I’ve added some handrails to the elevator platform, and tapered the wings so they get thinner near the tips. That’s what was missing! They look much better now if you ask me.

Here it is from the front. I consider it basically finished on the outside. If I think of anything else to add I’ll come back to it. Otherwise, we can now move on to building the spacecraft interior. So watch out for that!

Stay Tuned for Part 30!

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