Let’s Make a Level for Duke Nukem 3D, Part 8


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Last time, we added much needed shading to the corridor connecting the starting room to this new room. What, you say? New room? Indeed friend, take a gander at this butt ugly unlit, unshaded work in progress:

I didn’t want to dedicate an entire article to building the room from scratch as documenting every little added detail would’ve taken multiple articles. So alot of work will necessarily get done “behind the scenes”. So, what’s next?

Look at that shitty ceiling. The floor is slime so it has to be flat, logically. But the same is not true of the ceiling. Let’s spice up this sumbitch with some sloped sectors, then we’ll see about adding further detail.

There, now the ceiling is sloped. Are we done here? Not by a long shot. Ceiling details are often neglected, but add a lot of cool ambiance when present. A lot of the maps in Quake 1 had some cool ceiling details. Let’s see if we can’t improve on this ceiling situation somewhat.

There. Now the ceiling is properly textured and has some good looking details. In fact, I like how the ceiling details look so much I might just extend them down the walls for some aesthetic consistency.

That turned out better than expected! If I’m honest, that tan concrete texture wasn’t working out anyways. Now we have our more or less detailed room. It’s time to start thinking about lighting, shading and all that good stuff…which I’ll save for the next article. :)

Stay Tuned for Part 9!

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