More Flat Earth Memes! In Case Your Faith in Humanity Was Not Completely Destroyed Yet.

It’s that time again. What? No, not time to open a steakhouse where you get to pick out and personally slaughter the cow you’re going to eat a steak from, what the hell? What’s wrong with you? It’s time to delve once again into the bottomless pit of despair that is American Christianity.

This is a recurring theme in these memes. The notion that the whole of science is faked for the sole purpose of discrediting Christianity. A very tempting view for Christians unwilling to contemplate the opposite, that Biblical cosmology is inconsistent with scientific observation because their religion is wrong.

Apparently high altitude nuclear tests were just attempts to penetrate the firmament. Somebody’s off their meds. In their minds absolutely everything revolves around their religion and any time any person or organization does or mentions anything contrary to it, it’s just a deep conspiracy to discredit the one true faith.

They’re not wrong about what scripture says, or that it was indeed intended to describe a flat, disc shaped Earth with a solid dome over it. That’s what moderate Christians are in denial about. Where they go wrong is that they conclude it must be true, and therefore all of science is a Satanic hoax.

Again, more scripture describing Biblical cosmology. Every day moderate Christians will insist all of it’s metaphorical or taken out of context, but Biblical scholars and historians know better. Googling “Biblical cosmology” demonstrates this. Ancient Christians believed in a flat Earth.

To think there are people out there getting paid to lecture to crowds about this shit. Maybe I’m the dumb one for not capitalizing on the trend? I could probably bullshit more convincingly than the people who actually drink the kool-aid.

More verses about Biblical cosmology. So far as I can tell, moderate Christian reasoning goes: “The Earth is not flat. The Bible is true because I feel it is, and won’t allow it not to be. Therefore the Bible must agree with science even where it plainly contradicts it.”

These people can only account for the fact that every organization with access to space produces images showing Earth is a globe by concluding there is a worldwide conspiracy to discredit the Bible. I guess there kind of is: It’s called “reality”.

Note the classic backwards reasoning above. Humans took note of the movement of lights in the sky and devised a system of keeping time based on it for their own use.

Instead, they start with the system of time humans have devised as if it always existed, then marvel that the movement of planets and moons corresponds to it. Sure proof of design in their minds. Into the chamber with ‘em!

So far as I can tell, while not every creationist is a flat Earther, every flat Earther is a creationist. A big part of the psychology of why people believe in a flat Earth is that if it were true it would be the smoking gun proving that we live in an intelligently designed environment.

There’s no more backwards reasoning than this. But if one takes scripture seriously and does not deceive himself about what the authors most likely meant, given what little was known of cosmology at the time of writing, this is the conclusion it leads to. Pure, concentrated, balls to the wall schizophrenia.

Anyway that’s all for this time, go wash your eyeballs. I think I’m gonna take up drinking.

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