My Computer Split in Two! Dividing Components Between Two Cases

Back when I first started making real money from working on a VR game, the first thing I did was to buy a new computer. I wanted something tiny, so I ordered a mini ITX cube case. But I didn’t know the difference between “mini” and “micro” and as such it was a size larger than I wanted.

I am bothered by stuff like that. It’s a niggling irritation that eventually boils over. I also unwittingly bought a motherboard that only supported DDR3 ram, another mistake which grated on me. So, with the recent bonanza (in spite of the massive correction Bitcoin suffered I might add) I set some money aside to correct those errors.

My GTX 980, SSD and hard drive got transplanted into a Lenovo Idea Cube which came with its own mobo and 8 gigs of DDR4 ram. I will be adding a second stick soon, naturally. But what to do with the leftovers of the old PC?

The Lenovo came with a 1tb hard drive and an AMD RX480 GPU which is just barely good enough for VR. So I transplanted those into this smaller version of the case my old PC was in (the one I meant to order in the first place).

The idea is to have a second system as a backup so I don’t miss out on one or more day’s earnings if my main PC goes belly up, and also to use it for rendering video so it doesn’t slow my main PC down. That prevents me from recording additional VR let’s play episodes.

Now I have these two twin beasts, proof that good things come in small packages, one at either end of my desk. I could probably stack one atop the other like a totem pole if I wanted. Their names are Murdertrain and Caboose, since the one with the glowing Y on the front looks like an angry train, and I bought them with crypto.

What’s next? A laptop probably. I don’t want to be glued to my desk all the time. 4 articles a day is a nontrivial workload which becomes a lot more manageable if I can hammer out an article on the go. But it needs to be VR capable so I can also do my VR let’s plays away from home. More on that in the future.

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