My data says the existence of the human brain proves there’s at least one way to organize atoms such that they’re conscious. Unless you believe the brain to be magic, then it must be possible to technologically replicate. Aircraft were invented under the correct assumption that bird flight, however astonishing to our ancient ancestors, was not in fact magic and could be technologically replicated. The consciousness we observe as a property of our brains is not different.

So, every task currently done by a human is, at the very least, possible to do with a conscious humanoid robot of the same intelligence. There is no disputing that. If the robots couldn’t do it, then neither could humans.

However I don’t think we actually need such an advanced machine to automate away all jobs, any more than we needed the machinery of the industrial revolution to be conscious just because it was replacing jobs which had before been performed by humans and animals.

It is not the entire brain which, for example, produces the interesting visuals of a psychedelic trip, but parts of the visual cortex, of which Google’s Daydream is a serviceable approximation.

It also does not require the full faculties of a human brain to write coherent text, including genre fiction. You have staked your claim that AI cannot do anything creative. How, then, do you explain this?

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