My First Rejection Letter From a Publisher! I Ain’t Even Mad, This is a Milestone.

When I began approaching publishers, I took it for granted it would be a long and tedious process with many rejections. So I’m not about to get discouraged so soon. Different publishers prefer different styles, just like people have their own “type” they like to date. Rejection in either case doesn’t necessarily say anything about quality.

So, that’s Tartarus Press off the table. Erasherhead will take until the 31st to get back to me, as per the submission guidelines on their website. Then there’s Rainfall Books and Elder Signs Press. Of those, I have the highest hopes for Elder Signs Press. Still though, even if they all reject me, I won’t be stopped.

Every great author today has a drawer full of rejection letters someplace which do not trouble, but amuse them. All the publishers who passed up on what became a highly profitable literary sensation, for one reason or another. I’ll just file this rejection email away then, for future enjoyment.

Now, if I’m still getting only rejection letters five years from now, something will be terribly wrong and in need of correction. But as yet, events are proceeding within expected parameters. I will keep you guys updated on what the other publishers think of my work, as I hear from each of them.

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