Sorry. All ancient civilizations knew the work was round

No, mankind has not always known Earth was round. It had to be discovered. Specifically by Erastosthenes, who lived around 200 bce. While the bible was written well after this, the Torah (where the flat Earth cosmology is found) was not, predating Erastosthenes by about 1,800 years.

This is mentioned in the article itself, which I surmise that you did not read. Here, contrary to your claim that every ancient civilization knew Earth was round, is a scholarly recounting of ancient Egyptian cosmology wherein Earth is a square, covered by a tent-like sky.

Here is a paper on Babylonian cosmology, which was very similar to Egyptian cosmology in that it imagined a flat Earth covered by a sort of canopy.

If you’re interested in this topic, here’s a comprehensive University of Oregon introduction to the history of human cosmological models dating back to the neolithic. Neolithic humans, contrary to your claims, also did not know Earth was round.

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