No, this is completely wrong. It is possible of course, if you dissect each verse in isolation from the rest, to make it mean whatever you want. But that is not the meaning reflected by the surrounding context, nor the historical context in which it was written. We know as a matter of historical fact that the ancient Israelite cosmology was very similar to the cosmology of neighboring Egypt and Babylon. Yet you do not make excuses for the ancient Egyptians or Babylonians. You are not invested in their religions, so you simply allow them to be wrong.

The pillars of the Earth, through creative apologetics, becomes “the foundations for life”? Are you joking? Are you playing games? That’s as much of a stretch as the supposed predictions seen in “Scientific miracles of the Holy Qur’an” Youtube videos. Very similar apologetics, very similar tremendous stretches to force the puzzle pieces to fit.

Confusingly though, you then go on to say that the cosmology of the Bible was indeed wrong and that Yahweh permitted it to go uncorrected. There’s a big problem with that. If salvation is only found through Christianity, then the holy text of Christianity by which potential converts evaluate it’s credibility must not be permitted to contain falsehoods that would lead people to wrongly conclude it is fraudulent. This is criminal negligence, if the punishment for not being a Christian is eternity in hell. How can people be punished for failing to be convinced by a holy text which Yahweh allowed to include blatant falsehoods?

You go on to say that ancient people had no way to see or confirm modern truths. But they supposedly did, according to Christian teaching. It’s called divine revelation. If scripture is ***to any extent*** divinely revealed we should expect it to be at least somewhat more accurate than ought to have been possible when it was written. As it stands there is nothing remarkable about it to set it apart from any other holy text.

Incidentally, the Qur’an describes the same cosmology and makes equally comical errors. It says in one passage that the sun sets on Earth each night in a boiling, muddy spring. Muslims have excuses for this which are very similar to the ones you have used for the incorrectness of Biblical cosmology.

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