Evolution can work on the midrange issues, but not the macro or micro.

Only according to creationists. According to 99% of biologists, that isn’t true. If it were, the order of depths at which fossil remains are found in the geological strata wouldn’t match up with the order in which evolution says those species evolved. But it does. You never offered any explanation for this.

When will evolution begin on a 10 billion year old plus astroid or on Mars or on the moon?

Never, because they have no liquid water or atmosphere, nor many of the necessary chemicals for abiogenesis to occur.

As I have thought about your arguments, your three weakest points were evolution, Ro. 1:20, and Lilith.

Romans 1:20 is something I show to moderate Christians who believe evolution is in the Bible or at least not contradicted by it. That was before I discovered you were a creationist. I probably should have given up on you then.

Evolution isn’t a “weak argument”. It is your own mental failing that you regard it as false. You should think hard why you trust science to tell you Earth is round but not that evolution is real.

I don’t expect you to look into the discussion of three mostly secular scientists dealing with the math of evolution, but they all conclude the chance of major event through evolution via DNA is one in 10 to the 47th power. In other words, ZERO!

Not according to every other biologist on Earth. The three in your video are Christians. Accordingly, they are emotionally invested in defending Christianity and have allowed their bias to motivate them to lie about evolution.

That argument sounds pretty familiar to Fred Hoyle’s schitck btw. Fred Hoyle also claimed to have calculated the probability of DNA evolving and concluded it was impossible.

His mistake was in not including any mechanism for retaining individual mutations. His calculation assumed DNA had to evolve all at once, in one big step. Of course that’s impossible, but it’s also not how any biologist ever claimed that evolution works.

Too bad science has not discovered a weed, some moss, a bush somewhere outside this earth. It would help your cause for evolution vs higher intelligence.

Be honest. Would that really change your mind?

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