>"or the Americans who killed them essentially for accepting negroes among them."

That's a wild take. I wouldn't be surprised if you got that from the LDS website. The Mormon religion has from its inception until the late 1970s been expressly white supremacist.

It was not until '78 that black Mormons could attain priesthood in the church, and basically every Mormon elder until very recently spoke explicitly against interracial marriage.

But then, this isn't where the goalposts originally were. You suggested we ought to find it a compelling point in favor of Christianity's credibility that early Christians were willing to suffer and die rather than renounce their faith.

I have now shown you, and seemingly you have accepted, that Mormons also underwent such brutal mistreatment, also holding fast to their faith even to the point of death.

Can we now agree that this is either not suggestive that Christianity is true, or that it's also suggestive Mormonism is true?

Regarding Joseph Smith being a bigamist pedophile you will hear no arguments from me. However, how old do you think Mary was when Yahweh, god of Abraham, impregnated her?

Did Yahweh not instruct the armies of Israel to slay the Canaanite men and grown women, but to keep the young virginal girls for themselves? (Numbers 31).

For that matter, neither the Old nor the New Testament specify an age of consent anywhere. Kind of an odd omission, seems like something that should've been in the ten commandments. I'd have given "don't rape anybody, least of all kids" a higher priority than "don't covet your neighbor's wife or belongings", or "don't use the lord's name in vain".

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