[Psychedelics] Encounter with a Feminine Forest Entity

This is an account of an experience I had on mushrooms in a federal forest preserve about 3 months ago, as well as a subsequent trip with similar thematic elements.

While sitting and enjoying the visuals during the peak of the trip, I began to think about how my brain works, with memory consisting of patterns of strong/weak electrical connections between neurons, and consciousness being the interaction between the various specialized parts of the brain.

I then conceived of the forest as a sort of brain, or thinking machine: Pheromonal communication between trees and other plants as well as DNA transfer via bugs carrying pollen and birds/squirrels carrying acorns and seeds replaced information exchange between neurons via electrical discharges and neurochemical changes.

The moment I became aware of this forest brain, it became aware of me. It was startling. I got the sense that it was always here, that trees are a kind of animal (with moss as body hair and muscular trunks) they just move very slowly, living on a different timescale, and that mushrooms slow down our perception so the wavelength of our existence becomes as long and low frequency as theirs (Such that our two waveforms coincide), allowing us to perceive and communicate with them. Each tree was it’s own organism, like each cell in our brain is an individual microorganism in a sense, but they formed a collective intelligence that began to communicate with me via thoughtforms.

The pink and purple flowers, general beauty of the forest and other aspects made it obviously feminine to me, so unsurprisingly it spoke in a woman’s voice. She reacted like a mother welcoming home a long lost son. She recognized me but only barely, as she remembered humans from when they were chimps swinging through her branches.

I got the sense the forest was the highest form of intelligence within itself, all other organisms being less intelligent, so it took some work to convince her that we had really done all the cool stuff I told her about, like building the ISS, visiting the Moon, and causing climate change. She said she’d noticed the warming temps and wondered where certain species had gone.

I told her we did it by accident and were working on a solution. She then asked about her sister forest on Mars. I told her that planet has been barren for millions of years and she became depressive. She mourned that other forest for about 10–20 minutes until I told her we plan to visit Mars and terraform it, to make it green again.

She was tearful with happiness, enthusiastic about humans restoring the Martian planetary forest, even if it wouldn’t be the sister she once knew. We have her blessing to go and reforest Mars (She still assumes some authority over us, as a mother looks at her adult son and still sees the baby boy whose diaper she once changed)

Visual confusion in the leaves above created the impression of a curvaceous woman made of leaves with a bright smile, constantly shifting and moving about in the forest canopy, the medium in which she could exist as an illusory humanoid avatar. I think her intelligence was just my disassociated subconscious projected onto my hallucinations, my brain creating the leaf woman character to fill in the gap and explain where the other side of the conversation was coming from.

On top of the other behaviors, she was also very bawdy. She kept asking about women in my life, demanding to know when I would have children with them. I kept telling her I want to wait until I am financially stable but she didn’t understand the concept of money or anything else from human civilization, only animal drives like hunger and sex. She was very insistent that I bring a healthy woman with me next time and impregnate her while she watched.

I scolded her for being perverted but she laughed/shrugged and expressed no shame in her conduct. Several times she formed illusory cunts in the soil/leaves with grass, moss or small leaves as public hair as if to excite me and inspire me to do as she asked next time. I told her I came here expecting inspiration and life lessons, not plant porn.

So, she became more serious and told me that my sister looks up to me and I don’t include her enough in my life. I told her we have nothing in common but she said I was thinking about it in terms of what I would get out of it, when it was about making my sister happy. She was very serious about the importance of family and kin relations, which makes sense as it’s a more primitive, animal level concern.

She also helped me understand the mindset and motivations of people who have bullied me in my past. I forgave them, because they did it on account of someone else hurting them in their own past, and letting it affect me the same way would only lead me to do the same thing to someone else, perpetuating the cycle.

I was also able to achieve closure with respect to a girl who convinced me to move cross country with her so we wouldn’t have to break up, with the promise of eventual marriage, only to dump me over the phone as I unpacked in my new apartment.

I love the state I am in (Oregon) and felt a deep genetic connection to it, and conceived of her as being genetically tied to her own state (Florida) and that it was only possible to have tried to make a life with her because of manmade things like jets.

I should never have gone to such great lengths, or left the only state I feel like I belong in. I conceived of myself as my DNA, with my ancestors and descendants arranged as skeletons in a long line, living flesh flowing from one to the next, representing the lifetime of each individual in that lineage.

I conceived of her in the same way and realized she was exactly like her mother (and indeed a continuation of the same genetic essence) who did not get along with me from the beginning, and that I should have known from this (and her close relationship with her mother) that the relationship was doomed to failure. Whoever I was meant to be with instead, I concluded, lived in this state and I just hadn’t met her yet.

By that point I was crying deep cleansing tears, feeling like these very old tangled up emotional issues had been straightened out at last, errors carried forward giving wrong results that had just now been corrected at the root in my past, which in turn automatically corrected the result here in the present. I came down as a healed, mentally and emotionally restructured person more capable of forgiveness and ready to love again. I left with the forest’s blessing.

The next time I tripped, I had no issues that needed resolving, it was just for fun. The forest was cross this time and scolded me for it. “Come back when you have real issues. Also, I thought I told you to bring a hot girl so I could watch you two go at it. Don’t trip again until you have those two things lined up.”

She was pissed. I apologized and she softened her demeanor. We made smalltalk about what was going on in the forest, I helped her resolve disputes between the aquatic faction (frogs and fish) and the arboreal faction (squirrels and birds) by acting as a diplomat/forest cop.

I was moving between the trees and the creek, saying stuff like “Settle down frogs, look I know the current arrangment isn’t ideal but I can only get so far with the squirrel ambassador, you know how squirrels can be. You know how squirrels can be. Give me some time to loosen them up.”

After the dispute was resolved, forest entity told me I should grow a big, bushy beard, as facial hair is analogous to sensory cilia for humans and enhances our perception of the forest intelligence even while sober. Cutting it off makes us less sensitive to nature.

I conceived of Sasquatch as her idea of an idealized human (his whole body is covered in beard after all), returned to the forest for good and committed to presiding over the other forest creatures in the same way I just did, but full time.

After this trip I thought to google “forest goddess trees fertility” to find out if there was anybody else who had seen this entity and it came back with “Druantia”:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Druantia

…The forest goddess of trees and fertility. Talk about right on the nose. She even looks like the entity from my trips. I’m guessing it’s due to the common experience of perceiving a plant intelligence that people report while on certain substances. She was named in 1948, but very similar forest/tree/fertility goddesses exist in many different cultures that also had ritualized psychedelic consumption: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_nature_deities

Incidentally I also felt the very strong sense that the forest still affirmed dinosaurs and reptiles (I am aware dinosaurs were not reptiles) as the dominant lifeform and that mammals are still kind of an unwelcome abberation. Every winding green trail had a serpentine reptilian essence to it, I found myself muttering “hehe look at this lizardy-ass trail” and perceiving patterns of geckos, iguanas, frogs and alligators in the bark of trees.

I perceived the old world dinosaur essence as ‘four natured’ (a grid of repeating squares, or a cubic 3D grid), and the new mammalian essence as three natured (A grid of triangles, or tetrahedral 3D grid) each a pattern comprising the underlying structure of spacetime on and in the vicinity of Earth.

I intuited that the correct terms for the various types of geometric lattice substrates on which spacetime can exist are monoteverial, biteverial, triteverial, quadriteverial, penteverial, hexteverial, seventevertial, supteverial (as a sub-type of seventeverial), octeverial, and octo-teverial (as a sub-type of octeverial).

These other spacetime substrates dictated what types of life would evolve on other Earthlike planets in the universe. They do not mesh easily with one another, only unusual circumstances that eliminate one type of life and allow another to replace it (like the meteor impact on ancient Earth) can result in an awkward, temporary hybrid mesh lattice.

Earth’s cubic lattice would NOT mesh neatly with the new triangular/tetrahedral lattice, representing the abrupt transition from dinosaur dominance to mammalian dominance that was not the smooth evolutionary transition that the nature entity strongly prefers.

The lingering cubic lattice still existed because descendants of dinosaurs still exist but was being rapidly assimilated and restructured by the tetrahedral grid due to the fact that humans dominate the planet, and are mammals. The most advanced forms of live evolved on seventeverial worlds.

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