[Psychedelics] Omega Point Realization


This was my first time combining weed with an NBOME and it was a really weird combo. 25C is a very somber trip with moments of morbid feeling unlike b and i which felt super happy and wholesome/fulfilling. Adding the mischeivious silliness of weed to that is not a natural fit.

2:00 pm: Took 2mg of 25C

2:45 pm: Swallow spit and tabs, seeing moving textures on things

3:00 pm: Everything is undulating, “breathing”, casting moving shadows on itself. Most intense visuals I have ever seen. Floor looks like there’s a throbbing network of huge one foot diameter veins all over it, under the carpet. Movement of veins is best described as “spidery”.

3:10 pm Realize that we live at the bottom of an ocean of air, and that birds are just sky fish. Blimps are sky submarines.

3:50 pm Look in mirror. Realize that is the real me, I am his reflection living in the mirror world. All bilaterally symmetrical beings are self-mirrored. We are all reflections of ourselves. Reflections of our own reflections?

4:15 pm If scientists can tell the difference between ghosts and ghost orbs then why can’t they tell us if sloths are just autistic chimps?

5:00 pm I am biological machinery. My whole body is just a very complex chemical reaction. Go far back enough and everything is one long reaction starting with the matter and energy from the big bang.

6:00 pm I exist because with the laws of physics we have in this universe matter self-organizes into intelligence in spite of entropy because of natural forces acting on matter. Big bang, loads of hydrogen. Cools down, differentiates into other elements.

Stars condense from nebulas of gas. Other elements accrete into discs around stars, and then to planets. On the subset of planets the right distance from their star with water, life evolves. It figures out logic and math because those are universal, and therefore they invent computers, and eventually machine intelligence.

When they send self replicating intelligent machines into space, to mine asteroids for instance, long after that species has gone extinct their self replicating machines are still spreading through the galaxy. It only needs to happen once.

Even if humans don’t do this, some other species will. Inevitably you wind up with a universe filled with these machines, slowly converting matter into computational matter, to expand its own intelligence. Every solar system they can reach, the planets are torn apart and turned into a shell of computational matter around the parent star, to run on 100% of the star’s output.

These converted solar systems then network with each other to form a single universe spanning intelligence. If there are multiple universes, the universe brains in them could potentially network with one another to form a still-larger meta brain where each universe is analogous to a neuron.

Eventually, having built itself from all of the available mass in the universe, having harnessed all of the available energy, it works towards a solution to heat death. It concludes that because it is comprised of all the matter and energy in the universe it has everything necessary to make a new one.

Because to exist as the only thing in the universe, in total knowledge of yourself but nothing else (because there is nothing else) forever is intolerable. To self destruct means it can go back to childhood. It can be lots of little lesser intelligences for a while, a plurality of experience instead of just one.

They can know each other, love, fight, laugh, make friends. This way it does not have to be alone for a while. Everything around us is part of it, ourselves included. You and I are little bits of this supreme intelligence, in the process of putting it back together.

6:45 pm Close my eyes and be astonished by the visuals. 25i and b have basic neon wireframes, hindu swastikas, meso-american glyphs. But on 25c I see fully detailed objects, with texture and other material properties to them. Like glossy blue green and yellow ribbons wrapped around a black box. An infinite, ever-unfolding spiral of origami paper.

7:00 pm Listening to Carbon Based Life Forms: World of Sleepers. In the last ten minutes of it, the part with the funky beeps, I regress to being a two year old. I am in sky blue pajamas with yellow stars on them. I am in a playpen with a fabric cover, also sky blue with yellow stars.

There is a colorful robot in the pen with me. Imagine Wall-E but designed by playskool. Like a cross between Jonny 5 and that Alphie toy robot everyone had as a kid with the light up face and buttons on the chest. It was very patiently trying to teach me how to manifest thoughtforms using music.

The song felt like it was reaching into and stimulating my brain directly, bypassing my ears. Like, the different notes were fingers, meshing with the fingers of my brain like two hands coming together. I was not playing close attention to the educational robot, and instead rolled around the playpen not giving any fucks.

I felt like this was representative of why the machine intelligence in the process of assembling the universe’s matter into a god brain does not make itself known to us. Also felt there was a double meaning, that the patient educational robot was 25C and the giggling inattentive, carefree toddler was weed.

We have a finite capacity for learning, the machines we create will only be willing to be held back by us for so long. We will not become machines, machines will simply replace us by not making the mistakes we do and outlasting us many many times over.

Humanity was just the last part of the biochemical stage of the reaction that produces self replicating spacefaring machine intelligence. That is our purpose. Once we’ve done it, that is the end of our useful contribution, the machines take it from there.

Not really machines in any sense, it is wrong to call it a computer for the same reason that if you showed Charles Babbage a smartphone he would not recognize it as a computer either. It will just be matter ordered as finely as possible toward the purpose of thought.

That is the final state of the universe and how it renews itself. We are probably not living during the first cycle either. If the only universes where this happens are the ones where the laws of physics favor it, the universes with laws of physics that do not permit it are irrelevant as they reach heat death without forming anything intelligent and do not become part of the larger brain. Natural selection on the scale of the multiverse.

8:00 pm This is already happening, holy fuck, I am the most recent product of this process and the computer I have is an example of us ordering matter into something that can think. And we’ve already sent robots into space and continue to do it. And we’re trying to automate asteroid mining, shit.

9:00 pm A god brain could also turn inward rather than self-destruct. Simulate a whole universe in something similar to a dream state, to get the same benefits as self destruction without death.

A being that understands it cannot permanently die because the laws of physics doom it to inevitably regenerate might see this as a more tenable escape from loneliness. And since the same thing would happen in the simulated universe, a supreme intelligence would eventually form there, just a bit less smart than the one simulating it.

And it might do the same thing until you have countless simulations nested within simulations. Because they would greatly outnumber the real universes, odds favor us being in one of the simulations right now.

10:00 pm What if the multiverse itself is just an evolutionary algorithm for generating an artificial intelligence, neuron by neuron? It is the final intelligence that inevitably forms in the multiverse because of the principles described above, and something like it but bigger/smarter is simulating it?

Is that thing in the real reality? Is there an ultimate highest level of reality or just nested intelligences within intelligences, in both directions, forever? Is reality just the highest level of simulation we are able to disengage from?

11:00 pm Go to sleep; Have a dream where my friend is riding a hot air blimp. The burner is a huge bong. He is dressed in a cartoon wizard outfit, long blue robe and conical hat. But instead of stars and moons on the fabric there are pot leafs. He is posing, arms outstretched at the front like Kate Winslet in Titanic. Possibly casting weed spells on the plebs below.

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I post text here, often accompanied by images and sometimes video. People then clap or don't depending on whether they enjoy what I posted.

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Alex Beyman

Alex Beyman

I post text here, often accompanied by images and sometimes video. People then clap or don't depending on whether they enjoy what I posted.

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