Quantum phenomena are not immaterial. Quantum mechanics describes behaviors of matter and energy at a very small scale. It does not, anywhere, include validation for the notion that there exist immaterial substances and forces in the way that substance dualists believe.

But quantum mechanics, simply because it is new and ill understood, has become a dumping ground for supernaturalists like Deepak Chopra and David Avocado Wolfe. When someone is committed to an untruth, they seek to place it somewhere beyond investigation.

In the distant past, this was the invented “spirit world”, “astral plane” or “supernatural realm”. Then in the 1900s when electricity was the hot new thing, there were products like “electrical vitality belts” which shocked you to allegedly increase your animal magnetism, “electrical spirit phones” which purported to contact the dead and so on.

Whatever frontier of scientific investigation is new enough that average people still find it mystifying and don’t know enough to say what is or isn’t validated by it, is where supernaturalists will always put their ghosts, angels, demons, prana, qi, vril, orgone, animal magnetism and so on, such that these concepts will remain safe from the prying eyes and instruments of skeptics.

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