Returning Home, Day 2: North Dakota to Montana

I don’t remember this many hills on the way through Montana last time. I’m taking a different route this time, maybe that’s it. Anyway it was mostly vast, open flat space but I did eventually run into some hills and trees.

…For the most part. I’d say the hills and trees were like 20% of it. I’ve now seen more farmland than I ever wanted to. I’m beginning to think this state has more cows than people in it.

Kittor slept through it. Lucky her. I wish I had a driverless car so I could sleep through this leg of the trip. Some day that dream will come true. I’ll be able to fall asleep at the point of departure, and wake up at the destination. Or at least at each charging station along the way, for bathroom breaks.

Speaking of kittors, I met and befriended a stranger cat at the rest stop. I did a double take because the cat was a similar shade of grey to mine, I worried for a minute that she’d gotten loose and was running around outside.

Friendly little bugger. :’3 I can’t help myself, I have to befriend every cat. Some day in my darkest hour, they will all appear and come to my aid. Of course my cat smelled the other one on my hands, but she’s never been the jealous type.

Stay Tuned for Day 3!

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