Returning Home, Day 3: Montana to Oregon

This leg of the trip is by far the most driving I’ve ever done in one day. It’s just barely within reach if I drive until a little after midnight and I want to avoid the expense of another night in a hotel.

When I stopped to eat earlier, I saw this weird green and yellow building. I still have no idea what it was for. Theater? Water tower? Spiderclown containment? The mystery deepens.

Kittor slept through it all, little feets extended out of the carrier. She knows how to relax, that’s something cats are experts at. She’s really being a sport about this whole thing.

Anyway unless I get too tired to finish the trip tonight, this should be the last entry. I’m making much better time on the return trip mostly because I actually managed to set off around 8–9am every day whereas on the first day of the initial trip, I left at around 2pm IIRC and stopped just short of the lake on the last day.

It’s been an exhausting journey, but the vacation was really rejuvenating and badly needed. Thanks for following along!

Stay Tuned for Day 4!

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