SCAM ALERT: Some Uber drivers recruiting for MLM/pyramid schemes!


Evidently there are now drivers for Uber, a popular side hustle, who have yet another side hustle going on: Recruiting people into MLMs. Twice in the same week, users on Reddit reported being talked up by their Uber drivers about an “amazing opportunity to retire in their 20s”.

When asked if it was Amway, the driver became quiet, then protested that it’s not Amway. “It’s like Amway” he reportedly said, “but different”. The second encounter involved Younique, a well known cosmetics MLM. The driver had a woman with him, possibly his girlfriend.

The rider, a woman as well, was badgered about buying makeup and asked whether she had any female relatives who might be interested in the product. Besides the fact that it’s against Uber policy to have anybody in the car besides the driver and the rider, pitching MLM products or membership to a captive audience like that is filthy.

Perhaps they’re driven to this by the low wages Uber pays? Or by the opportunity to meet loads of people in one night, one after the next, for durations that are just about perfect for the MLM recruitment spiel. And of course, you can’t get away as you’re in a moving vehicle.

Be aware and be wary. Here’s an article I wrote about the defining properties of pyramid schemes and the MLM variation on them that you can use to identify if what someone is trying to recruit you into falls into that category.

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