See, this is the sort of thing I meant. Your hatred for capitalism colors your perspective of every other topic. You can’t even acknowledge how private spaceflight companies are responsible for the resurrection of the offworld colonization project that the Soviets couldn’t sustain, and FYI you’ve lied, we did not in fact have fully reusable rockets which land their own stages propulsively in the 1960s.

That is the innovation which makes space development financially feasible and it was brought to you by capitalism. Your reasoning in many places deeply assumes that a fatal flaw of capitalism is being bound to a single planet when it drives the development necessary to access resources from offworld. That unlocks the entire universe as growth substrate for human industry and settlement, at which point a paradigm predicated upon unlimited growth suddenly becomes a whole lot more tenable.

Being able to industrialize radiation blasted vacuum solves a lot of the problems capitalism has caused on Earth, too. We can move polluting industries offworld where they will no longer harm the biosphere. We can restore Earth to a pristine garden world.

If you can’t see this because you’re wearing ideological blinders, so be it, but I’m glad you have no power to stop the future or people like you actually would doom us to a single planet grave.

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