Sodomized by Sasquatch at the Bonneville Fish Hatchery! (Also Drone Footage)

Save that to your spank bank. Anyway, while I was up at the Bonneville dam with @amandarichards the other day (after the lodge date), she had the bright idea for me to capture some drone footage of the fish hatchery. As it’s government owned however, we asked the management first. We got the okay to fly over the fish hatchery area, but not the dam proper.

We hassled some geese, because fuck all geese everywhere, forever, but also toured the site in more detail. You can see below at 2m30s a special pond with a window looking into it, so you can see the enormous sturgeon living there.

Here’s a closer look in photographs at that pond observatory as well as some of the other notable stuff we saw while there:

The pond with the viewing window was probably the coolest part. It made me want a home with a pond, and a below water level observatory on the lowest level of the house that looks out into it. Maybe a big dome window, in the reading room, with my writing desk in front of it. Pipe dreams…unless crypto skyrockets again.

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