Somebody Sent Me a Toy Drone. So I’ll Review it! The DHD D5!

I got this thing in the mail some time while I was on vacation. I don’t recognize the return address and won’t share it here. Near as I can tell, because I mentioned that I thought simple cheap toy drones were more fun than the expensive ones ages ago, somebody was thoughtful enough to send me one.

I’d sure like to know how they got my home address. Friends and family deny responsibility for this. It’s kind of spooky. But hey, free drone! This particular model, the DHD D5 goes for around $30 on various sites. Here’s the box it came in:

Feature wise, it’s about the same as the cheapo SkyHunter drone I had before my Mavic. Fold out props, 7 minute flight time, removable battery with USB dongle to charge it, pretty standard stuff for a low end Chinese drone.

However, one nice thing is that this uses a far more common size and shape of LiPo hobby RC battery than the SkyHunter. This makes it drastically simpler to order more, as well as an octopus charger that will charge as many as 8 at once.

The batteries take about an hour to fully charge from empty. I’ll fashion a tin foil lined case to store them in as I don’t trust Chinese LiPo. This one doesn’t come with a gamepad style controller however, you use touchscreen controls on the app.

This makes it more compact, but physical controls are really nice to have. Hard to say whether it’s a plus or a minus. I’m thinking this drone will live in my bike’s storage pod so I have it along in case I want to fly a drone, but didn’t bring my backpack with the Mavic Air in it.

Anyways this was a nice gesture, if somewhat troubling. I hope I’m not as easy to find as this incident seems to suggest. Don’t send me stuff! I’d rather just have your support here on Medium.

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