STEEM Mobile Update: Nintendo Switch Added!

I said I was gonna do it, now I have. I’m still unsure if I can really afford it, but it seems like some of my whale and dolphin supporters have recovered from their Thanksgiving torpor and are upvoting me again so I think it’ll be okay.

I was planning to buy one used, but apparently the literal children selling these on Facebook Marketplace have no idea that selling used means knocking something off the price. They’re selling them at full price, sometimes even more, expecting to get 100%+ of the money they spent on it back.

The only ones not being sold at full price were missing the dock and thus probably stolen. I didn’t want any part of that so I just bit the bullet, drove to Best Buy and picked up a new unit for $299. I might’ve saved a little bit if I’d been willing to camp out for Black Friday, but I am not quite that dedicated a consumer.

Anyway here it is installed in the rear seat headrest bracket, downloading updates over the in-car wifi. It fits very nicely, isn’t big enough to obscure my view out the back window through the rear view mirror and can be plugged into the inverter in the armrest compartment between the front seats with the cord trailing out underneath the back of the lid.

It all fits quite nicely. Originally I was looking at putting a SNES classic in here but then I’d need to mount and power both the console and a small LCD display. This thing has the display built in, as well as built in charging cradles for the joycon controllers. It’s very space efficient and just about ideal for car use.

Speaking of the joycons, there’s this little tray they fit nicely into that’s deep enough they won’t slide out in a tight turn. Switch is basically designed for portable 2 player action with the two integrated Joycons which is ideal since I can only fit two people in the back anyway.

I did the strapless mod to them to remove the lanyard and locking mechanism. Much nicer to use now. I actually ruined one of the little slide-on top pieces in the process and had to buy a new (used) one from Gamestop for $4. Live and learn.

I also got a ticket from an automated speed trap camera in the mail, which I discovered upon getting home with this expensive new toy. It’ll cost me $165. Not what I want to see after I just dropped $299 on something I don’t strictly need.

I’ll be fine though. I’m keeping the Switch and will figure out some kind of solution. Looking forward to going on a trip in this thing if only for the excuse to play Switch games with a special girl I’ve been seeing for a few weeks now. :3

Anyway that’s all for this article, keep your eyes peeled for more. Actually don’t do that, it sounds really gross and painful.

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