STEEM Mobile Update: The Hot Water Machine Arrived! Now I Can Take Hot Showers Anywhere.

What is that sexy beast, you might ask? I don’t know what you mean, I’m not in the photo. That sizable chunk of machinery dead center is a water heater which includes a rechargeable battery powered pump. Basically I stick one hose into a water container, then the other goes to a shower head.

There’s also a secondary heating loop that brings the water up from a temperature comfortable for showering, all the way to boiling. It comes out of this little spout in the side, so you can prepare dehydrated camping foods easily. I still have my pocket stove for boiling water in a pinch, but boy is this more convenient.

There’s the regulator, what the propane canister screws into. You can also see the various power inputs and outputs. One outputs 12v DC to the submersible pump that draws water up into this thing. The other two are inputs for 12v DC car power, and 110v AC wall outlet power, respectively. It can use either.

What’s this little plastic door in the side of the trunk? What could be in there? This car has all sorts of weird little secret compartments for some reason. I guess just because it would otherwise be wasted space.

Oh look, a propane cylinder of the exact type that fits the regulator! What an amazing coincidence. Truly a Yuletide miracle from Kramdar, or else it was left by the propane fairy. If you’ll recall this little cubby is where I used to store my pocket stove, folding pot and isopro canisters. Those go inside the tupperware camping supplies container now.

There it is screwed into the regulator. Just like my car, this thing needs both fuel and electricity. It’s hooked up to the 12v DC socket between the rear seats so the charge will be topped up whenever I drive anywhere.

There’s another little hidden cubby on the opposite side of the trunk btw, so I’ve got another propane canister stashed in there. You can see the hoses for drawing and dispensing water in the upper left.

Here’s the instrument panel, powered on. Not much of a battery indicator, with only three bars. Still it’s big, bright and colorful. Very easy to read. If the instruction booklet can be believed, all you need to do in order to get hot water is turn the unit on (with a propane canister installed), stick the pump end into some water, turn the dial up a bit to light the burner, then press the pump on/off button to start the pump.

I’ll be showing off this process in a later article where I test the unit out, to make sure everything’s in good working order. If not, I can take it someplace to get serviced, and I wound up spending $250 for it instead of the $350 I expected. There was an automatic discount coupon for the holidays, plus a series of recent price cuts working in my favor.

That’s all for this time! Look forward to the next installment when I put this bad boy through its paces!

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