The Bible is not a science book because science did not exist when the Bible was written. Even natural philosophy, from which science is descended, was not yet codified.

However that did not stop the authors of scripture from including attempted explanations of how the natural world is structured, and the causes of various natural phenomena.

These claims about cosmology, weather, illness and more were probably thought to be forever beyond the scope of investigation at the time. So if they were wrong, they must have reasoned, nobody would ever be able to prove it. However since then, many of those claims have become possible to investigate and were shown to be wrong.

The Qur’an is also not a science book. But it nevertheless contains many similarly mistaken claims about the Earth, about human anatomy, and so on. Such that sperm comes from between the backbone and the ribs, that the sun sets on Earth in a muddy puddle, that shooting stars are weapons angels use to keep jinns away from the firmament, and so on.

Do none of these errors count against the credibility of the Qur’an, just because it does not say “science book” on the cover? Just because it contains many other types of content besides claims about the structure of the natural world, and attempted explanations of natural phenomena?

Muslims purport that the Qur’an is divinely revealed information, given to man by the creator of the universe. It should not contain such basic errors, should it? We should expect a super intelligent cosmic being to know better.

Likewise, Christians purport that the Bible is divinely revealed information, given to man by the creator of the universe. It should also not contain so many mistaken claims, of such an elementary nature.

They are the sort of errors ancient man would understandably make when guessing about the world around him based on his own observations and reasoning, but without access to science. They are not the sort of errors we would expect from an all knowing deity.

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