The Motorcycle May Have to Wait…

As many of you know, I’ve been determined lately to get my hands on a Zero electric motorcycle. I was about to buy one recently only to have it bought out from under me at the last moment. Then I found another for sale in Idaho, I’d just have to drive a U-Haul out there for 8 hours to go and get it.

I’ve sobered up somewhat since then and thought hard about the practicality of making an electric motorcycle my main form of transport in the rainy, often cold Pacific Northwest. When I went looking at the prices of used electric cars, to my surprise they were extremely close to what I was prepared to pay for the motorcycle.

I haven’t given up on owning a Zero motorcycle. Haven’t, can’t, won’t. But I’ve rethought the timeframe somewhat. Buying one in a color I don’t like without the windshield or helmet case, and having to go get it from another state is less than ideal. I ignored all that out of lust, frankly.

There’s a lot of places I like to visit around this great state which I cannot reach on the Zero. The gradual deterioration of the battery pack would also eventually leave me out of juice on a highway somewhere. The Volt has a gas range extender, and even when the battery is finally dead it still works as a hybrid, the mileage just gets worse.

The biggest factor in my lean away from the Zero and towards the Volt however is that I want to move soon. I have friends who live across the river that I’d like to be closer to, and I need a change in my life right now. I’m going to need a very capable vehicle for that. I don’t have much to move as I live very simply, but I can’t do it on a motorcycle.

This is a bittersweet decision for me, because for the first time I’m sacrificing cool factor for practicality. Have I become my Dad already? I’m 33 though, not 23, so the time is right to start shaping my life up and living more seriously. A Volt will cover my every conceivable need.

One of those needs is to pick up and move, so I can spend more of my time with the people who make my life worth living. I can only even consider this from a financial standpoint because of the reliable support of my Steemit fanbase. I owe it all to you guys, and it is no exaggeration or platitude to say that I treasure you. I haven’t forgotten at any point along the way that I’m nothing without my fans, and I don’t ever intend to.

Finally after years of toiling in obscurity, my work has received some recognition, and it’s empowering me to make changes in my life that have been a long time coming! Thanks in large part to a new whale who started consistently upvoting my articles, in fact. It feels precarious to make a big, expensive move reliant on the continued patronage of a stranger, but as a writer my livelihood will always depend on consistently pleasing my readers whether I’m 33 or 93.

That’s a harrowing way to live, because I’m essentially a performer whose life depends on the fickle waxing and waning favor of readers. I have to keep knocking ’em out of the park or it’s a cardboard box in an alley for me. That’s just the life of any kind of artist though, isn’t it? How can I complain when I am fit for no other purpose?

So I’m betting everything on it. On my writing, and on all of you. I’ve been out to test drive the Volt, it’s in fantastic condition and has paperwork attesting to the maintenance history, the seller is having his lawyer draw up a bill of sale and all that drab business. But then, I take a big, scary step into my future.

It’s the beginning of a new chapter of my life, I suppose. One where practicality comes before fun. I’m ready for it though, and it will only light a fire in my heart to increase my crypto earnings until I don’t have to choose between those two things. I hope all of you will stick around for that journey.

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