The STEEM Mobile Has Arrived: My Sickass 2011 Chevy Volt

When I signed up for Steemit last Summer, if you’d told me I would make enough for an electric car (okay, okay, serial hybrid/”range extended EV”) I would’ve laughed it off. What a bizarre and wonderful journey it’s been.

After the first price surge it became easy to believe I could buy myself a car with Steemit earnings. What I didn’t know yet is that it would put me in touch with many other people who knew and loved Laura.

What do I say here that doesn’t sound like a load of corny pablum? Steemit is a really impressive community that holds up both ends of its promise: To be a social network people actually use and care about, which brings people together who would never otherwise meet, and rewards them for contributing quality content in an immediately quantifiable way.

In my case, with a car I can be proud to drive. That’s a big deal for me and has been a long time coming.

This is the first big thing I can point to and say “My writing got me this.” It’s a concrete, tangible milestone which makes me believe I can make it as a big time author and that my best days as a writer are still ahead of me.

Steemit hasn’t just been great for exposing new readers to my work, it’s been an invaluable cross-promotion tool for every other project of mine. Why pay to advertise your books, short stories and novellas when you can write about it on Steemit and they pay you? Talk about flipping the script.

I went into this expecting perhaps a little pocket money. I was psyched back when I first made enough for a burrito. A burrito! I’m pretty close to making a livable wage, too. How is this possible?

The future we live in is weird. Drones deliver tacos, a “hoverboard” is a weird little segway type thing, VR somehow came back into style, and you can make enough for a nice car by blogging. This must be the good timeline after all.

Yet the most valuable thing Steemit has gotten me isn’t a car, or income, because either of those can be taken away. Then what would I have? Steemit has been instrumental in building a fanbase, which writers (or any kind of artist) live or die by. It’s all about the following.

That following is the real treasure. First and foremost because I started writing in the first place to reach people. To package ineffable human experiences in a form that is definite and entertaining, to expose my insides to strangers and discover in return that other people are more similar to me than different.

But secondly, because Steemit is increasingly removing material stresses from my life which got in the way of writing. I will write every day until they throw dirt on me. Maybe even after that, depending. It’s been a strange and bittersweet journey so far. At times painful, at other times hopeful. I hope all of you will ride (and read) along with me until the end.

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