To expand on my other comment, in case nobody follows the link: The reason “water powered car” projects sprout up and vanish periodically is not because big oil suppresses them. Otherwise we’d be unable to buy electric cars. Rather, they are a time honored and well documented investment scam.

Chemically speaking, water is an ash. There is not a chemical imbalance waiting to be equalized within it such that it can be exploited by a fuel cell for energy. If that were possible, since the only output of a hydrogen fuel cell is water, you could simply pipe the “exhaust” back into the “fuel” tank and have a perpetual motion machine.

When the author says the car “runs on electrolysis” that is a nonsense statement. Electrolysis is not free. It costs energy. More energy than you get back by recombinging the hydrogen and oxygen which results from it. “Water powered cars” are just battery powered cars where the battery is hidden, and there is a superfluous unnecessary energy conversion step in the electrolysis of water to produce hydrogen for either a fuel cell or (in Stan’s case) a combustion engine.

The more energy conversion steps involved, the lower the efficiency. A car of this type will run just long enough to convince a gullible investor with no background in engineering, and will superficially appear to “run on water”. However it is essentially just the world’s most needlessly inefficient battery powered car.

Because it appears to be doing something remarkable to people without any engineering knowledge, who want to believe in such claims for ideological reasons, you can indeed make a very lucrative career out of soliciting for investments, painting yourself as the underdog fighting a fossil fuel industry conspiracy. That is what Stan Meyer did for much of his adult life. Paul Moller did this with the Sky Car, Paul Pantone did it with his “GEET Engine” and MDI France did this with their AirPod compressed air cars.

This is a very old and well known class of investor scams which still work today, because the narrative of the underdog inventor fighting shadowy sinister powers greater than himself is so appealing. But in reality Stan Meyer died of an aneurysm because of the stress of being convicted of securities fraud, which is what always catches up with these guys eventually.

However to someone that doesn’t follow up on why these projects eventually disappear or doesn’t believe the official reason, it probably does look very much like a conspiracy to suppress their supposed revolutionary technologies. That is very much how they would prefer to be seen, too.

It must frustrate and confuse hopeful true believers that all these decades have passed and we still don’t have water powered cars, compressed air cars, GEET engine cars, or any of these other supposed miracle technologies. The simple truth is that we never will, because they don’t work. They never did.

If the reason was a conspiracy of some sort exists to prevent us from freeing ourselves from dependency on fossil fuels, how was I able to buy an electric car? How come I have solar panels on my roof? Why didn’t the government, or big oil or whatever, conspire to prevent me from attaining free energy from the sun and a car that runs on it?

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