Vacation Travelogue, Day 2: Washington to Montana.

As expected, Idaho was over before I even realized we’d entered. But then came Montana, which will take most of 2 days (including today) to cross. What a fucking grueling leg of the trip, and there’s fuck all to see as well. What you’re looking at above is about the full extent of it.

The cat mostly slept, butt poking out the carrier opening. She was feeling more antisocial than usual I guess. Lucky her, she’s small enough that the car is like a moving house. She had plenty of room to stretch her legs, not that she availed herself of it. Then again if I could sleep through this part of the trip, I probably would.

The sunset was pretty at least. I only managed to catch the absolute tail end of it, as by the time I could find a place to safely stop the car and snap a photo, the sun was nearly below the horizon. Tomorrow I finally escape Montana and enter North Dakota where surely, fantastical adventures await. That’s what North Dakota is known for, isn’t it?

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