Vacation Travelogue, Day 5: The Big Arrival!

At last!! No more all day trips, cooped up in the car! I can stretch my legs, breathe fresh air and begin my vacation properly. Well, just as soon as this gigantic forklift puts the boat in the water. This marina stores all the boats in a heated building so wintering isn’t a problem.

This boat might not look like much, but it’s a beast. It’s had a single engine replacement since 1978 and minimal maintenance besides that. I still remember when I was at last old enough to be allowed to drive this thing. Of course the first thing I did was hoon all around the island.

There’s the lake. It’s massive, feels strange even calling it a lake. Minnesota has plenty of lakes of course, but few as big as this one. I’ve never actually been to every island, for example. Thousands of people live here full time, hundreds more visit during the Summer.

There’s the cabin! What a sight for sore eyes. I’ve spent the best times of my life up here. When I’m not at the lake, I literally have dreams about being back up here. Everything is slow and leisurely here, the weather’s just perfect between July and September, not too hot and not too cold.

The cabin interior when we first entered. Needs those dust covers removed, and a little vacuuming. The window covers were mostly lost in a storm some months before this trip and will need replacing. Of course the first thing I did upon reaching the island was to set the cat loose! She’ll come back to the cabin when she’s good and ready.

My room! Also sorely in need of some tidying up. But there’s my sweet old computer, a 33mhz Compaq Presario 425. It will run Doom, but only barely. Mostly it’s good at colorful pixel art 2D games like Commander Keen 4 and Duke Nukem 2.

Here I’ve fired it up and am playing some Rise of the Triad. It wouldn’t boot properly at first. Turns out the floppy drive is finally kaput. I had to disable it in the CMOS to get it to boot successfully to DOS. I’ll be showcasing more of these old games tomorrow and maybe reviewing some?

For now it’s time to decompress from that long ass car trip and get some shut eye. First night in the cabin! I might be too excited to sleep, tbh.

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