[VR Review] The Only Good Virtual Boy Games, Part 11: Space Squash


Just like how many SNES games had the “Super” Prefix, like Super Star Wars, Super Metroid and Super Castlevania, or how many N64 games had “64” on the end of the name, many Virtual Boy titles either had “Virtual” or “Space” as their prefix. Why space? I guess to make sense of the pitch black backgrounds?

Space Squash is something like Mario’s Tennis with jetpacks. Instead of moving left to right, you can move all around the rectilinear corridor that gameplay takes place in, smashing the ball back at the enemy robot. The goal is either to make him miss, or hit him with the ball when he’s not ready, taking away a life point.

Gameplay is complicated by differently shaped corridors and various kinds of obstacles between one end and the other for the ball to interact with in different ways. Some bounce it back at you, some break open to reveal powerups, and so on.

It’s actually quite fun. I put it in the same tier as Bound High. It isn’t perfect, but the one thing it tries to do, it does well. It feels generous to give it an 8/10 but I can’t pin down exactly why. I think it only barely reaches that mark.

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