[VR Review] The Only Good Virtual Boy Games, Part 12: Teleroboxer


A boxing game might not seem like a good fit for a VR system with no motion tracking whatsoever. But in fact, the way Teleroboxer has been implemented changed my mind. It makes good use of the 3D effect for the bodies of the robot opponents (which are made from different sprites at different depths), and especially their fists coming at you.

You’ll feel tempted to physically dodge now and again. It really feels like you’re being hit. And the classic, tried and true gameplay is copied straight over from Punchout, Super Punchout and the rest of the games in that series. (I believe there was an installment on the Wii?)

But that is essentially the entirety of what you’re getting here. The depth (har har) of the game does not exceed what was found in NES punchout. It’s just got better graphics, red and black color scheme notwithstanding. Still, it’s one of the more convincing games for the platform in terms of selling its unique capabilities.

I am not a fan of boxing games, but recognize quality when I see it. Teleroboxer is way up there. A worthy VR implementation of Punchout, a solid game for the VB library and a solid game on its own merits, I give it an 8/10.

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