[VR Review] The Only Good Virtual Boy Games, Part 9: Panic Bomber


This is another one that didn’t need to be on Virtual Boy. In fact, it’s a port of a SNES game. The depth perception doesn’t really add anything to the gameplay, but I’m still a fan. It’s simply a fun game, and the depth effects are at least interesting to look at.

If you’ve played Puyo Puyo, you’ve played Panic Bomber, with the exception of a few gameplay changes consistent with the bomberman theme. Occasionally a bomb will drop, and explodes on impact in a plus shape. If the explosion reaches the inert bombs that appear in the lower layers of the play field, they all explode.

This dynamic reminds me of Super Puzzle Fighter 2 Turbo. It’s a competitive puzzler with the character you’re fighting visible front and center, and there’s a special block type that destroys similar blocks to cause dramatic chain reactions, which devastate the opponent.

Good use of the 3D effect isn’t everything. The most important thing is always whether or not the game is fun. So even though this game doesn’t really make much use of the 3D and was a strange choice of game to port, I’m giving it an 8/10.

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