What Does the Bible Say About the Shape of the Earth? Part 4


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This time, the subject of examination is a collection of verses which indirectly imply flat earth cosmology. So as not to waste time arguing with newcomers to this series, in part 3 the most common apologetic (The verse in Isaiah about the “circle of the Earth”) is rebutted; Proverbs 2:27 makes it clear that the circle in question is a flat shape, as it says it was drawn upon the face of the deep with a compass.)

Hopefully I wont run into too many Christians stumbling across this series and copy+pasting that apologetic in the comments section without having first read the article. But that’s also a dead horse I have lost interest in beating, so to speak.

Now we will instead examine verses other the ones most often discussed when this topic is brought up. Verses which supply ancillary support for the contention that the authors of the Torah believed in ancient Hebrew cosmology, which included a flat Earth covered by a dome:

Stay Tuned for Part 5!

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