When we stop ignoring our ocean except when we need to dump garbage somewhere, drill for oil or pull fish out of it.

We have made it this far mostly using the resources available on the 30% of the Earth that is above water. We did so by leaving behind our wasteful nomadic ways and getting serious about cultivating the land in an organized, efficient, systematic way.

We are still primitive hunter/gatherers where the ocean is concerned. That is still our mode of resource extraction, and it’s as wasteful now as it was then, only there are billions more of us.

Ocean farming on a large scale can easily feed a planet of 10 billion humans many times over. But it requires that we keep the ocean clean, otherwise we’re contaminating a food supply we and generations to come will be increasingly reliant on.

This is to say nothing of the incredible potential of immense current turbines in the gulf stream, hydrothermal power plants on the ocean floor, wave generation, and seafloor mining.

The lessons learned about how to make energy and get metals on land in a cleaner, more responsible way can also be applied to doing the same activities in the ocean so we don’t make the same ecological mistakes we did on land

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