Where to Find My Self-Published eBooks

Some of you recently suggested I self-publish some of my work and link it so that my followers might buy a few copies to help me through this bear market that crypto is suffering right now. In fact I’ve already got a couple of offerings published on Amazon in eBook format.

Most of it can be found here. For some strange reason All the Little People is listed separately, here. I don’t know why it doesn’t appear on my author page with all my other books. I assumed it would self-correct if left alone but it hasn’t, I guess that’s Amazon QC for you.

Take note: Most of these are novellas, not novels. Perfect Enemy is only 33 pages long. Pressure is 53 pages. Little Robot is a full novel, as is the Oceanova book and All the Little People. Everything else is much shorter, and cheaply priced at 99 cents for that reason.

Little Robot you’re getting for free right now in serialized form. But if you’ve not been with me long enough to read any of the Little People stories, now’s your chance to buy them all bundled up neatly into a single novel. It’s some of my finest work, and remains the novel I invested the most of myself into.

Don’t buy anything you won’t read just to help me out. I don’t write for that reason, but in order to be read. I would be proud on the other hand if my work resonated so strongly with any of you that you wanted to own some of it on your phone or e-Reader in a more carefully polished form.

Follow me for more like this! And why not read one of my stories?

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