Yet, none of the ten commandments concern child abuse. You'd think it would be important enough to add an eleventh commandment, or if it absolutely had to be ten for some reason, it could displace the commandment about taking the lord's name in vain. A just God would care more about child abuse than the disrespectful use of it's name.

Then again, how old was Mary at the time she conceived Jesus? Most historical scholars put her between 12 and 14 as she was permitted to travel alone with Joseph which would have only been accepted were they betrothed, the standard age for which was 12 at that time. But she couldn't have been much older than that if they were not yet married. So, perhaps the reason there's no commandment against child abuse is because Yahweh himself likes 'em young.

His instruction to the invading Israelite army to kill all men and women but keep girl children who have not yet known a man for themselves would also seem to support this hypothesis. That there is a single ambiguous verse, which could also be interpreted as an admonition against leading children away from faith in the divinity of Christ, doesn't do a whole lot to undermine it.

Come to think of it, Islam and Mormonism are also very keen on marriages between adult men and young girls. Isn't it nice in this era of geopolitical discord and religious wars over the holy land, that there's at least one thing the major Abrahamic faiths can all agree on?


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