You’re not wrong, I think that dynamic is just lopsided currently because one political tribe dominates public discourse and has control over the definition of public morality, good, evil, etc. But you do not have to dig very deep to find the same sort of thing on the right.

A lot of people outside my state are unaware of its unsavory connection to a plan, dating back decades, by white nationalists to move en masse to Oregon and turn it into a “white homeland” within the US. The guy who spearheaded this initiative, the “Northwest Front”, has an amusing origin story.

It got out some years back that his “racial awakening” occurred as a consequence of calling an african american boy using a slur, then getting his ass handed to him.

His self-pitying post-hoc reimagining of this event, being that everybody is the hero in their own mind and that we’re all at our most tender and insecure in our youth, put him as the innocent boy minding his business when the brutal savaged attacked him for no reason at all.

It’s my pet theory that those who generalize whole groups in a fearful, hateful way often have an event like that in their past. One which they conceal, knowing that it’s an immature reason for hating millions of their fellow humans which they should be (and are) ashamed of failing to outgrow.

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